Rest on the nature

''Mežavairogi'' domestic zoo

The mini-zoo at Mežvairogi has bears, wolves, pigs, sheep and other animals. Admission price: -children from 5 years of age, LVL 0.50; -adults under 80 years of age, LVL 1.00; -jthers – no charge. Opening hours: 01.05-30.09 from 11:00–18:00, and 01.10–30.04 – applications made in advance. Group excursions can be arranged in advice.

Address: Mežavairogi, Bērzmente, Daugmales šosejas (A5)
T. 26479144, 29139149, e - mail:,

Mini-zoo ''Ķekaviņas Līči''

A mini zoo with local and the exotic animals.


Price:  Zoo visit (children) – 0,50 LVL, Zoo visit (adults) – 1,00 LVL.
Contacts: “Līči”, Ķekavas pag., LV-2123
Tel.: 29971777