Horse riding

“Jaunstrauti” farm

The Jaunstrauti farm, located approximately 20 km from Riga, offers a quiet place to rest from the city rush. Horse cart rides along quiet forest roads are available, as well as training in riding these carts. Enjoy a picnic around a bonfire or grill sausages. Please apply 2 weeks in advance.

Address: "Jaunstrauti", Ķekavas pagasts, Ķekavas novads
E - mail:
T.: 29272523; 29400521

“Strigi” jockey club

Horse rides in enclosure and locality; - rides for children; - riding lessons; - riding cart; - trips to events; - horse maintenance.
T: 26329992, e-mail:


''Dabas zirgi''

"Dabas zirgi" is a very special venue which was created for adults and kids alike to learn how to ride on a back of a horse, in a carriage or on a sled, as well as to discover the daily life of a horse, learn about the pyschology of a horse and the creation of realtionship with them. Amidst a beaufiul landscape and tidy surroundings, one will find the joy and tranquility that is provide by the communication with horses! Adress: Sunas, Plakanciems, Kekava Parish, LV-2312. e-mail:    Tel: +371 29330 370 (Please apply in advance)