St. Ann's Lutheran Church of Dole-Ķekava

St. Ann’s Lutheran Church of Dole–Ķekava, a baroquestyle church built in 1783, is now included in the register of architectual monuments. A cannon ball from the Napoleonic War (1812) is immured in the northern part of church. The church’s altar painting is “Christ Blesses the Children” by Augusts Annus.

Location: Rīgas iela 75, Ķekava, T. 67935858, 29538913, e - mail:,

Lutheran church in Odukalns

The Lutheran church in Odukalns was designed by architect Linards Skuja and built in 2002. The church serves the Augsburg Confession Lutheran Congregation of Ķekava, which was established in 1996.

Location: Saules iela, Odukalns, Ķekava, t. 67932865, e - mail:,

Lutheran church of Katlakalns

Designed by architect K. Haberlend and constructed in 1794, the Lutheran Church of Katlakalns is an outstanding example of classicism, built in classical forms and cylindrical space, with a masonry cupola ceiling. Dean Robert Feldmanis is buried next to the church. R. Feldmanis planted an arboretum consisting of more than 320 species of plants.

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Location: "Ticības", Ķekavas novads, t. 26171837, 29107636, 29234047, e - mail:,